Professional Development Services

by Daniel Thorne


My services can provide you with excelent solutions to common problems. I create your space on the internet, hand-made to suit your purpose. Whether you're looking for a publicity space, an online shop or a full information system to keep your employees, customers and providers in contact, I can help.

Responsive Web Design

Tailor-made website design. Have a professional look which works seamlessly across PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

Online Shops

Sell your products online and reach more customers through an online store. Accept credit cards and receive the orders by email.

Social Links

Connect with your social networks to increase page views and garner interest. Campaign on


Reach more customers with professionally translated web pages. We offer professional translations in various languages including English, Spanish and Korean.

Intranets and Extranets

Connect your employees, customers and providers with a personalised information system. Document and photo uploads which can be accessed from around the world.

Document, photo and video uploads.

Users and groups to appropriately manage the sharing of information.

Statistics resulting from user activity

Digitalisation of documents.


Do you have too many documents to get what you need fast? We work with databases and document storage to get you results on demand.

Backups! We offer to keep your information backed up in case of unfortunate circumstances.

Security! From providing SSL security to secure login systems.

Charts and graphs! Visual displays help us to make sense of information quickly.

Web Scraping

Automated interaction with websites. Fill in forms automatically and retrieve data from any website systematically while you sit back and watch.

Download information from websites automatically.

Fill in forms automatically.

Information Systems

Using a range of different technology, our desire is to keep your data organised and easily accessible. Sometimes, we have more paper than we need in the office. It can be difficult to find what you need. We can provide data visualisation for your information such that you get the data you need for that meeting on time!

Live Example: The colour of stars

Enter a distance from the earth in parsecs between 1 and 50 to get the percentage breakdown of their colours.

From hottest to coldest: O, B, A, F, G, K, M. The sun is a G-type, yellow star.



We produce apps and games for android devices. Games and apps have become a way to

Apps and Games

Star Walk (PC Version)

A 3D map of 120,000 stars in the galaxy with stellar and planetary information. Contains additional features and fixes. Click icon to download!

Star Stroll (Android)

A 3D map of 120,000 stars in the galaxy with stellar and planetary information. Maintenance discontinued.

Mouse Amazed (Android)

A fun puzzle game with 16 levels, various obstacles and distinct cheeses to collect. Control is touch-based.


ILTAS Consultancy

Website reconstruction including a complete intranet/extranet.

Phoenix Website

New website with image gallery and content administration panel.

TintorerĂ­a Express

Website front design proposal.



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